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Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment in Midlothian, TX

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About Anti-Aging Hand Treatments

Although you may not have given it much thought, your hands are generally one of the most noticeable body parts to show how old you are. It's no wonder since your hands suffer daily wear and tear from numerous activities like smartphone use and time in water (and hand washing), as well as frequent sunlight exposure. Over time, the natural process of getting older causes decreased fullness, wrinkles, and sun spots. At Refining Beauty, our team utilizes innovative technology by Opus Plasma® to provide anti-aging hand procedures that reduce skin irregularities and encourage collagen generation beneath the skin, which helps the hands look plumper, fuller, and younger. Applying a mixture of microplasma and RF energies, Opus technology is great for improving plumpness and tightening the skin at the same time. Schedule a visit with Dr. James Leffingwell at our Midlothian, TX practice to discover more about the benefits of Opus treatments to make your hands look smoother, clearer, and younger than ever.

Anti-Aging Hand Treatment FAQ

What is the cost of hand rejuvenation treatments?

The actual cost of your anti-aging hand therapy will vary according to how many treatments you should have to meet your personal objectives. When you have your first consultation with Dr. Leffingwell, he will inquire about your goals, examine your hands, and create a custom-tailored treatment plan in addition to giving you a price estimate.

Will the Opus Plasma treatment hurt? 

Typically, Opus procedures for hand restoration involve only mild discomfort. Nonetheless, the team at Refining Beauty can offer a topical numbing gel before beginning the procedure to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed throughout the Opus session.

Will I have downtime following anti-aging hand treatments?

Most people will probably have minor inflammation and irritation for a few days following the treatment. During this time, you should preserve your hands by avoiding UV exposure and wearing sunscreen. But you can go back to your usual routine immediately following your appointment at our Midlothian, TX office if you want to do so.

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