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What is Accutite?

As the body ages, the overall health of the skin will slowly decrease, leading to loose skin and wrinkles. This is especially true on the face. Fortunately, AccuTite is the smallest minimally invasive radio frequency contraction device on the market. AccuTite delivers precision heating to small and delicate areas of the face and body. Most patients see results immediately after treatment and see continued improvement the months following treatment as the body heals and the skin contracts. Contact Refining Beauty in Midlothian, TX today to schedule your consultation with Dr. James Leffingwell or another member of our staff.

How Does AccuTite Work?

In order to ensure the patient's utmost comfort throughout the entire length of the procedure, our staff will first apply a local anesthetic to the targeted area(s). Once this is complete, a tiny cannula will be placed under the skin as it transfers radiofrequency (RF) energy directly into the region, melting fat cells and stimulating the body's natural production of collagen. Usually, this treatment lasts about 45 minutes, though it could vary depending on the patient's own unique needs and goals. It is usually considered to be very comfortable and leads to only minor effects, such as mild swelling, as the body recovers.

Face Your Fears

Don't let insecurity about signs of aging on your face keep you from looking your best. Thanks to AccuTite, we can eliminate these imperfections and restore the confidence of patients in Midlothian, TX. Visit Refining Beauty today to learn more about AccuTite or any of our other procedures from a member of an expert team led by Dr. James Leffingwell.

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