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What is body sculpting?

Body Sculpting is a cosmetic procedure that uses innovative technology to contour the body. At Refining Beauty, James Leffingwell, M.D. utilizes the BeautiFill® system by Alma to provide superior results. This procedure is typically ideal for individuals who want to address specific areas of their body that have been unresponsive to diet and exercise. Common treatment areas usually include the tummy, thighs, breasts, and buttocks. To achieve that tighter, sexier shape you desire, consider body contouring in Midlothian, TX. With the BeautiFill system, Dr. Leffingwell can create a custom treatment plan to enhance your figure. Call our office today to book your private consultation.

Am I A Candidate For Body Sculpting?

The best individuals for body sculpting with BeautiFill are typically people who:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have stubborn areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise
  • Want to sculpt and contour their body
  • Desire a slimmer, more toned appearance
  • Would like to accentuate their natural curves

While you're in your initial appointment, Dr. Leffingwell will review any relevant medical history and listen to your aesthetic concerns and aims to see whether this treatment would be appropriate for you.

What Should I Expect From Body Sculpting with BeautiFill?

At Refining Beauty, we perform body sculpting in one of our private treatment rooms. Dr. Leffingwell or a member of our team will start by cleaning the skin, then administering local anesthesia. Once your skin is prepped, a cannula is placed into the treatment area, like the buttocks or breasts. Next, we use the BeautiFill device to withdraw the fat, which sculpts the desired area. Patients can leave after the treatment is over. Because body sculpting is a nonsurgical procedure that uses laser technology, you may experience some mild symptoms, like swelling, redness, bruising, and tenderness. However, you won't have the downtime that you would with a more invasive surgical procedure.

Body sculpting FAQs

How is body sculpting with BeautiFill done?
Body sculpting is an outpatient procedure that is performed on-site at Refining Beauty in Midlothian, TX. The BeautiFill device will emit controlled laser technology to remove fat tissue. This can help slim large or small areas on the body that have stubborn pockets of fat.

Is body sculpting painful?
Most patients experience little to no pain during their body sculpting treatment. Thanks to the advanced technology we use at our practice, discomfort and post-treatment side effects are minimal. During your consultation, Dr. Leffingwell can go over what you can expect in detail.

How long will my body sculpting results last?
The results of body sculpting with BeautiFill have been known to last for many years. But, patients will need to maintain a stable weight and healthy diet to preserve their new shape. Excessive weight gain will alter your outcomes.

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